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The Eurosystem oversight framework for electronic payment instruments, schemes and arrangements PISA framework includes an assessment methodology and bitcoin pr exemption policy.

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The Eurosystem will use the new framework to oversee companies enabling or supporting the use of payment cards, credit transfers, direct debits, e-money transfers and digital payment tokens, including electronic wallets.

The PISA framework will also cover crypto-asset-related services, such as the acceptance of crypto-assets by merchants within a card payment scheme and the option to send, receive or pay with crypto-assets via an electronic wallet.

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Internationally coordinated action will also have to be stepped up to cope bitcoin pr the challenges posed by global digital payment solutions and stablecoins. The Eurosystem also aims to cooperate with other authorities.

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Companies that are already subject to Eurosystem oversight are expected to adhere to the principles of the new framework by 15 November Other companies will have a grace period of one year from the moment they are notified that they will be subject to oversight under the new framework. All overseen Weiss kriptovaliutų reitingas will be invited to submit self-assessments and supporting documentation, which will form the basis of a continuous dialogue between them and the overseer.

For media queries, please contact Nicos Keranistel. Notes For terms used above, see the ECB glossary.

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