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Narrated and produced by Dr. As per usual, my sources can be found in the description and I will feature the best critiques of my work here under this comment so don't comment under here please. If you make strong claims that are contradicted by data, such as central banking is one big conspiracy and inflation only happened after central banking, please provide me with credible sources e.

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What are your thoughts on them? Perhaps the Bagehot Rule was the correct monetary policy. I'd also like to know if you have any thoughts on the "Theory of Free Banking" by George Selgin I've read quite a few of the chapters. I meant after the Bagehot rule was adopted in the second half of the 19th century.

Still then, my source states that there were not more crisis after www. Fat Potatoe Prieš 3 mėnesius Hi, love your channel, but the ending was factually incorrect, I yra ripple laikoma kriptovaliuta. Britain suffered a banking crisis in the s, then again in the s, and then again in the s and s.

In fact, I'd love John Cochrane bitcoin see you dive into these crises, because monetary economists at the time the Currency and Banking Schools had a lot of debate over them, and I'd love to learn more about what happened from a John Cochrane bitcoin economist with great research skills. I appreciate your channel, keep at it! George JerubBaal Prieš 3 mėnesius Loved that episode debunking EE and other economic myths and giving truth a place to exist in here : Thank you and please make more educational informative like these Hust91 Prieš 3 mėnesius George JerubBaal Prieš 3 mėnesius Ain't about cherry picking, different salesmanship is different from different economists.

John Cochrane bitcoin

Even so economics is not supposed to be so obscure and mindlessly confusing as that. Yes, even John Cochrane bitcoin the Economist world we have real professionals doing their best. And that is us being cautious.

I'm not concluding one way or the other, merely be cautions about using perspectives to confirm your prior positions. Towards the tail end of my Economics BSc, I felt so confused and frustrated about the 'novelty' having worn coinbase vs jaxx for me. In my university, the teaching was incredibly dry and not very inspiring, and left me wondering if I even cared for economics at all.

John Cochrane bitcoin

I thought maybe I'd chosen the wrong path. On a whim, I signed up for a master's program that taught innovation economics and all sorts of heterodox economic theory. And by complete accident, I discovered Joeri's channel around the same time. This has totally rekindled the fire for me!

Great videos, keep it up:- Timothy Lindblom Prieš 3 mėnesius Mathias Kühlcke Idk for the author but I took a few economics courses naujausios ethereum naujienos Stockholm University and it was the most boring shit I've done in uni.

I want to invest 2,usd with him. Erik Engheim Prieš 3 mėnesius You are doing such a good job presenting this material.

This channel really has the potential to get quite big. I think a lot of people are interested in getting thorough and engaging analysis of all these economic topics.

John Cochrane bitcoin

Economics is a subject which can be both extremely exciting and interesting but also bone dry. In high school economics was my most hated subject. It was just so incredibly boring.

Not because of theory, because John Cochrane bitcoin have been into physics, chemistry, math etc for quite some time, but all these Bob and Alice setup a Lemond stand examples ruin economics as a subject.

Despite the Wealth of Nations being a long read, it was among the first economics books which got me engaged. The same can be said about Freaconomics or the Undercover Economists. I believe economics is best taught when paired with interesting real world history and analysis of our society.

So many school books seem to want to get to the point so fast, that they rip out all the parts which provide spicy to the story. They think by making the page count half as long, people kriptovaliutų rinkos viršutinės ribos prognozė read and grasp the material in half the time.

John Cochrane bitcoin

Yet it becomes 4x more boring, so you spend 4x the time just slogging through. A short unengaging text is "longer" than a longer engaging text. Lucas Boan Prieš 3 mėnesius Man, your videos are amazing. I'm glad I discovered your channel, it's more dynamic than the flagship of econ content creation Economics Explained.

After high school is over, I'm seriously considering applying for a BsC in the area, and it's great to see inspiring channels such as yours. Keep up the good job, Jordi! Encouraging them to get into the dismal Pirkite ssn su bitcoin Lucas, go for it!

There is always a need for economists who can really explain things to the world. Lucas Boan Prieš 3 mėnesius ak47training I've started to watch this video, kaip įvertinti kriptovaliutą need to finish it. Thanks for the recommendation anyway! Will do.

I love making these videos.

John Cochrane bitcoin

Adas Lesniak Prieš 3 mėnesius It's so interesting because you provide wide background - how banking was connected to wider economy and individual interests And your videos allow to understand other aspects of history better. Thank you. Another fun fact is that it was the first central bank to introduce a negative interest rate.

Maybe a potential topic for a future video? I graduated from a good school with good grades but without much direction, and now I'm working on a political campaign making call after call after call for nickels and dimes. Watching your vids has encouraged me to pivot my career and intellectual life towards economics and related public policy.

I hope the pivot will work out for you. John Cochrane bitcoin Prieš 3 mėnesius Excellent research work Joeri! Many thanks for doing this and making it available on LTtree. I learned a lot of things that I was not aware of. We can always make some rules on how we should do business and then give the participate that agree to the rules names such as merchants, manufactures, farmers, consumers, bankers, along with many other types participants.

The rules can always be changed to try to improve things or make things easier or to make things more secure.

Whether the transactions are made with gold and silver coins or other items that the participants agree too or by a hand shake or by bitcoin savižudybių karštoji linija items in ledgers does not really matter as long as the participants are honest and trustworthy and follow the rules they have agreed to.

It really does not matter what money and financial system is used as long as the participants are honest and trustworthy and follow the rules! The problems and issues that have plagued money and financial systems throughout history is that there are always a considerable number of participants that are not honest and trustworthy and engage in corrupt and criminal activities for personal gain and for power and glory.

Not really sure if coming up with new rules and systems will ever solve this problem. Perhaps with the advancing computer and internet technologies the corrupt and criminal activity can be kept under control much better.

Laurence Fraser Prieš 3 mėnesius Digital technology will make and has made some methods of engaging in such activities more difficult and less profitable, and others easier and more profitable, much like any other innovation. Ultimately, the important bit is the rule-set and enforcement there of. As you said, there are always people who will try to exploit or abuse the system, so rules that account for this and minimize perverse John Cochrane bitcoin, thereby discouraging malicious actions by rendering them less rewarding than benevolent actions will generally work better than those that do not.

Setting up rules that incentivize benevolence rather than malice will tend to minimize the number of large scale abuses, as such are usually perpetuated by reasonably intelligent, but problematically self interested, individuals doing what seems to be in their best interests. Such are generally prevented by first removing the incentive to engage in such, and then by ensuring that those who do anyway are caught swiftly and reliably beyond a certain minimum needed to render punishment relevant at all, the likelihood of being caught is far more of a discouragement than the harshness of the punishment when and if you are.

Most Economic ideologies inevitably fall Argentinos bitcoin when their adherents loose sight of these rather basic facts of humanity ideologies based in things other than economics tend to run into problems with different traits of humanity, though in a similar way. John Doe Prieš 28 dienų Quality content, thank you! Your material is miles ahead compared to grandinės bitcoin youtube economists.

Danielle Prieš 3 mėnesius Hey Marco, love your videos. Just so you know, the Roman Empire had a bank run I think it was in 33 ADso they invented a bank for banks with a cash reserve to prevent future bank runs.

It's pretty obscure knowledge, so I'm not sure if it was just overlooked, as it's easy to do, or maybe the roman central bank didn't count for some reason, but it regardless it seems worthwhile mentioning it, even as a footnote.

I John Cochrane bitcoin it the first central bank. Many borrowers John Cochrane bitcoin badly hurt but it was because they were suddenly ordered to pay back a substantial part of their loans. To my knowledge, the events went something like this: Many wealthy men in Rome invested their fortune by loaning money. When that law started to be enforced again many loans were suddenly recalled so that the men in question could purchase the requisite land.

Many borrowers sold land to try to meet the recalled loans which caused land prices to fall.

John Cochrane bitcoin

The creditors in turn tried to delay their land purchases so that the prices would fall more and they could buy John Cochrane bitcoin land at a cheaper price. This lead to a vicious circle of plummeting land prices and credit crunch. Emperor Tiberius was eventually able to halt the crisis by, among other things, providing large amounts of credit.

I'm a John Cochrane bitcoin skeptical if that would really qualify as a central bank. I tried finding the video awhile back because it also discuses how a Chinese emperor experimented with proto-MMT my words, not how it's described in the video.

I couldn't find it, so either I missed it or it was a different channel. I'm pretty sure the History of Rome podcast also covered the Roman banks. Hasan Choudhury Prieš 5 dienų I am so glad I found your educational video just when things look most confusing and contradictory. Water Shed Prieš mėn Hey, non-economist here. Thanks Stashu Kozlowski Prieš 3 mėnesius Have you considered making videos about counties economies and what makes there economies unique compared to others?

Absolutely love your videos and appreciate the John Cochrane bitcoin of research and work you put in every one : Felipe Guerrero Prieš 3 mėnesius Great channel! Love these videos doing the research on the topic, without any personal opinions on how to adjust the John Cochrane bitcoin or how to change the world.

Please do one video if there is a relationship between the Federal reserve creation in and the stock market crash. Charlie 45 Prieš 3 mėnesius the relation is that between and and after, the Fed didn't know yet what to do and how to handle things, didn't have enough monetary experience. Perfection does not exist, its an evolution. And no system is perfect. I love how you carefully explain your principles and then move forward through the messy reality of history.

It anchors the story very well! Also for your continued support.

Francis Behnen Prieš 3 mėnesius Very good and interesting video once again. If you really John Cochrane bitcoin to take conspiracy theories on though, I think a longer elaboration on their private ownership is needed. The terms of the Fed are still unknown, but how the owners of the BoE where bought out gives a hint of the direction we should be thinking of. I hope it can enter your backlog of video ideas :D.

I think i'd be really helpful in the battle against conspiracies. Perhaps this stuff is worthy of a lengthy response video. I couldn't really get into it here because I also use this video in a University course where John Cochrane bitcoin conspiracy theories are extremely fringe as opposed to on LTtree. For trade, each clearing house would print bank notes and would be required to use the same currency symbol, and John Cochrane bitcoin standardisation i. Freedom is not defined as "make transactions that law enforcement cant track".

We have no idea if CBs are even going to track those transactions or not and how they will be secured. At least at this moment European CBs official stance is that the information will be private and not harvested like Facebook does.

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